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Traveling to Norway

I had the opportunity to travel Scandinavia in October of 2021, and Norway was one of my favorite countries I have ever seen. No one really thinks of going to Scandinavia as a vacation but after reading this blog it should definitely be added on your list. In this blog post read my Norwegian itinerary, how I got around Norway, where I stayed, and more.

Aurland, Norway

Mentioned in this blog
  1. How to get around Norway (read my other blog post about in depth Norwegian transportation)

  2. Where to stay; hotels, hostels, or air bnb?

  3. My Norwegian itinerary

  4. My favorite places and cities

How to get around Norway

First and foremost I want to talk about transportation in Norway! I go more in depth on what to expect on this post -> click here. Norway was one of the largest country we visited in Scandinavia which made it really difficult to get around and also pretty hard to plan at first! In Norway you can get around by bus, plane, train, car, even boat! The domestic plane tickets in Norway were very expensive so we didn’t end up flying at all… which meant we didn’t have time to go to the North of Norway;( but that’s alright! Just make sure to buy tickets very far in advance since they do go up very high in price no matter where you are flying too. If you do want to take a boat trip to witness all the fjords on the way to the North, you’re able to take a boat cruise! They start from the south and cruise all the way to the north… pricy as well but very cool experience! Bus and trains are very well established in Norway if you would rather not drive; but they can be pricy as well depending on where you would like to go! My cousin and I decided the cheapest way to travel was to just rent a car! Though the hours are long, it was amazing. We got to stop wherever we wanted to take photos, enjoy scenery, and we got to see so many more cities we didn’t intend too at first. If you’re staying in the south, the hours are bearable, and driving is something I 100% recommended. Check out my other blog post for places I stopped / road conditions and things to beware for here -> click here. The only thing is, there are a couple tolls but if you rent a car the rental company should take care of all of them at the end making it easier for you.

Off season flights / flights bought ahead of time are around 100USD for round trip; but peak season / late tickets can go up to 600USD occasionally more. Train tickets cost 200-300 NOK per ride, sometimes more; sometimes less. A fjord cruise from South to North would cost 34,595 NOK which would last around eleven days. Finally, renting a car would be around 300USD for. seven days! You can see why we chose to rent a car hahaha.

Where to stay

While planning our trip, all the hotels / accommodation we found were very expensive. Almost all of them were more than 100 and night. We couldn’t find any hostels and so we knew we were going to have to splurge and get either hotels or Airbnbs; which ever accommodates you more. In some places we went too we couldn’t find hotels so we settled on choosing Airbnb‘s for the entire trip except for Oslo. I’m glad we ended up choosing Airbnb‘s because we got to see incredible views; and since we went off-season they weren’t as expensive. My cousin and I just split the price and so Airbnb‘s for this trip was definitely the way to go. I looked pretty hard into finding the cheapest options and there were just none. We looked into hostels but we couldn't find any...probably because we were going to more rural areas but I am really glad we ended up splurging a little bit since we could really be surrounded by nature and comfortable. Every accommodation you’re going to find a Norway is going to be expensive so just get ready to splurge or to be able to split it with someone else. I'm going to list everywhere I stayed in my itinerary down below!

1 Week Norway itinerary

Towns included in this article
  1. Stavanger

  2. Aurland

  3. Flam

  4. Bergen

  5. Oslo

Day 1: Fly into Stavanger Airport

Stavanger, Norway

We started in the town of Stavanger, and this was probably my favorite stop. Even though it was October and off season, they already had all of their Christmas lights up, decorations and even had street entertainment. It was such a beautiful and clean town filled with art. A lot of the walls and buildings were covered in art and the houses were painted such beautiful colors. Everything is in walking distance and Stavanger is a very safe town. We rented a car the day we got there since we were only in town for one day; but one day was a good amount to see the town if you like getting things done like I do. I do recommend staying three nights since it was such an amazing town. I recommend two in Stavanger and use the other day to hike the famous Pulpit Rock; one of the most famous hikes in Norway. Its about a four hour hike which is why I recommend a whole day in order to hike it.

Where I stayed:

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast here in Stavanger located on Vikedalsgata 1A, Stavanger, 4012. We chose this bed and breakfast instead of Air bnb since it was the cheapest option we found at the time at 55USD. It was located in a great location and very close to the main town. The rooms were clean and reasonable for the price; they also had kitchen located in the basement.

My Stavanger itinerary

Stavanger, as well as all the other towns I will mention are all pretty small. You can definitely see most of the town in a whole day or two. As soon as we flew in and rented our car, we went straight to the main town. We got in pretty early and so we had the entire day to explore the town.

Top sights in Stavanger:

-Old stavanger

-Vagen and Haugvalstads Gate




-Stavanger Cathedral

After exploring, we were so hungry! My cousin read about this famous seafood restaurant located in Stavanger called Fisketorget Restaurant. It's known for its famous fish soup! My cousin said she LOVED it and it was definitely worth the price. Other food places that I enjoyed include Hverdagsgoft Cafe and Cirkus. Since I'm not the biggest fan of seafood I ended up getting a good amount of food from the cafe and it was amazing! I highly recommend. The people who worked there were so nice they ended up giving us a paper filled with recommended things to see in town.

The main things people love to see near Stavanger is the hike to Pulpit Rock as I mentioned above. It is a very famous hike with spectacular views. The only thing is if you go during peak season (summer) just know it might get very busy! I didn't actually get to hike it (I'm not a hiker; I tend to fall a lot and just trip over nothing) but my cousin really wanted too... except we didn't have enough time when we found out the hike was a total of four to five hours to complete. If you do want to hike this, be prepared for a 4.7 mile hike up!

Travel time to Aurland: 5 HOURS 56 MINUTES

stop at Skare Waterfall for a little break while driving.

Day 2: Aurland, Norway

The six hour drive to Aurland was probably my favorite drive on the road trip. Every single road we drove on was spectacular, every stop was a photo op. There are a ton of places to stop along the roads and it was normally an easy scenic drive. Aurland is a very small town but the nature surrounding it is incredible. You can see fjords, mountain ranges, lakes and more beauty... It was definitely a stop that I recommend.

Where I Stayed: AirBnb

I 100% recommended the air bnb I stayed at since we had the best view! Even if you don’t stay there, make sure to drive down klokkargarden street to see the views! There are a bunch of fjord view cabins here in Aurland so any of them would be beautiful but this was definitely a great choice.

Top sights:

-Stegastein viewpoint

-Drive to Undredal

-Fjord day cruise

-Gudvangen Viking village

Undredal, Norway

Aurland is a town surrounded by nature, so a lot of the sights to see here are mainly based outside of the town. Two things I can recommend are the day cruise as well as the Viking Village. One thing to note is that the Viking Village is only open during peak season and only certain months off season. You are allowed in the gift shop year round but the gates into the village are closed. We went off season so sadly we didn't get to go inside but we heard it was amazing! They reenact viking stories and let you take photos all around the town. They even give you a traditional viking dinner.

Day 3: Flam, Norway

On the Drive to Flam

Flam again is a very small town but very scenic! We got to stay in a beautiful air bnb surrounded by nature and in the perfect location in Flam. We honestly didn’t know what to do here at first, but we ended up taking the Flam Railway which allowed us to see so many view points and we even got to stop to take some photos of waterfalls and other train stops in the mountains. Most parts of Norway weren’t snowy yet since we went in October, but when you take the flam railway the last few stops you usually get to see a lot of snowfall!!! Even in October! The railway even gives you descriptions of what you see, it was honestly great!

Where to stay: Airbnb

Another amazing Airbnb choice. The location was beuatiful once again and was in the middle of the town. The air bnb itself was absolutley stunning, and very clean. We had two rooms with great views and a large kitchen perfect for homemade breakfast.

Kjosfossen Waterfall

Top sights to see:


-Rjoandflossen waterfall

-Stegastein Viewpoint

-Kjosfossen waterfall

-Flam railway

-Flam valley (which seen on flam railway)

Stegastien Viewpoint was amazing but defintely make sure to do this first thing in the morning so not many people are crowding around the view. We got to fly our drone here and we got so many fantastic shots of the fjords! The Flam railway which is around 70USD was great as well, though it is a little pricey. It lasted around two hours and the train let us get off in certain stops for photo ops!

Travel time to Bergen: 2 HOURS 35 MINUTES

Day 4: Bergen, Norway

Bergen was a town more filled with things to do and everything is still walkable. There’s a lot of photo spots here, as well as fun places to see / go to! Bergen is such a cute town filled with antique houses and unique architecture. It’s also famous for its reindeer hotdogs! (I personally don’t eat too much meat but my cousin said she LOVED them!) she said it was one the best hot dogs she’s ever had. The famous hot dog stand is called Trekroneren if you’re looking to try something more unique. Another cool place to snack at: Happy Donuts. The type of donuts here were super unique and so tasty that I had to stop myself from getting ten.

Where I stayed: Airbnb

Choosing this air bnb, we got to stay in the middle of town, walking distance from everything. It was hard to find the air bnb at first so make sure to ask for specific directions. I loved this air bnb as well, the host set it up so nicely for us with many amineties. I do recommened staying here as well!

Top sights to see:


-Old Bergen

-Skottegaten street

-triken 106 cafes


-Lille Lungegardsvannet lake

-The fjords



-Gazebo in front of Fridays Restaurant

A lot of these are big photo ops, and very accessible. You can hit all of these within a day, but in this town theres much more to do as well! Bergen is the second biggest town in Norway so you can definitely find more things that I haven't included on the list up above.

Travel time to Eidfjord: 2 HOURS 18 MINUTES

There are many places to stop on the way to Oslo that we didn’t know which one to choose. We ended up landing on the town of Eidfjord. All the towns on the way to Oslo looked really small and there wasn’t too much to do but they’re all surrounded by nature which is very nice since the nature in Norway is always incredible.

Day 5: Eidfjord, Norway

Eidfjord is a very small town and honestly theres not much to do here but if you want to break down the driving this is a good place to rest. Its beautiful like always, and its on the way to Oslo.

Where I stayed: Airbnb

The house is an amazing modern house placed on the top of the hill in Eidfjord with the perfect view. This was honestly one of the coolest looking houses we ever stayed at. Even the inside looked extremely modern, and we had our own little balcony that we flew our drone over!

Top sights to see:

◦ Vøringvoss (it gets snowy up here!!)

◦ Haugastøl

◦ Walk around the town!

After your night here, the next day you start driving to Oslo. On the way to Oslo You have to stop at Langedrag nature park!! This was AMAZING! I loved it. We got to see moose, Arctic foxes, Reindeers and we got to pet almost all of the animals and get to see unique animals just known to Scandinavia. They treat their animals very well, and take care of them like a family. I usually don’t like zoos, or anything with animals in captivity, but they give their animals acres and they saved their animals so it honestly was a great experience. They even had scottish highland cows!

Travel time to Oslo: 4 HOURS 34 MINUTES

Day 6 & 7 : Oslo, Norway

Oslo is more industrial considering it is the biggest city in Norway; but it definitely has even more activities. Honestly, Bergen still beat Oslo for me, but being the capital; Oslo is a must see... especially since The City Hall that awards the noble peace prize is here. We got to walk inside and see everything and they even showed us a little video about the winners and how it is set up. The paintings inside were incredible as well. The nightlife here was great as well but we were too tired to go clubbing. We were ale to go to a really fun bar called Jæger with an outside dance arena and DJ. It is more for younger adults since Oslo does have a college nearby but it was so fun!

Where to stay:

We stayed at Hotel Bondeheimen during our stay in Oslo. It was a hotel that was right in the middle of the town making everything easy to walk too! They had an amazing buffet breakfast which I loved and the rooms were very organized and clean. Great stay!

Top sights to see:

-Karl johans Gate

-Frogner park

-Honse-lovisas hus



-Frognerseteren Restaurant

-Sognsvann lake

-City hall (where they announce the Nobel peace prize!)

-Nobel peace center

-Oslo street food

City Hall, Oslo

Oslo is filled with fun and beautiful things to do and is one of the cleanest cities I've ever been too. Oslo is a must see and its a very unique city to see in Scandinavia so I highly recommend ending your trip here. The flights are usually cheaper to take if they are from Oslo airport so you can either end your trip here or take a flight to the North and back!

My Favorites:

On the drive to Aurland

Stavanger and Bergen were both one of my favorite towns I visited in Norway. They were surrounded by nature as well so you got kind of everything in one. I would definitely recommend going to these two towns for sure but everything in Norway is honestly beautiful in it's own way. Aurland and Flam were insanely beautiful as well but there was not much to do in the towns since they were smaller than others. They're definitely places you should stop if you’re doing a road trip. I did love the other towns and cities we drove by but the most impressionable on me was Stavanger and Bergen! The drive from Stavanger to Aurland was my favorite drive as well.

On the drive to Aurland

We really wanted to go up North but the flights were way too expensive and so we didn’t get the opportunity too. I definitely recommend if you have the opportunity to buy flights in advance or to road trip up there; definitely go up North because apparently there is so much beauty there as well as tall tails and just bounds of nature. You're definitely able to see the northern lights from there if you’re lucky enough. I recommend going to Tromso if you do get a flight as your first stop.


GET GPSMYCITY to see maps of activities in a bunch of cities if you’re in need of things to see / do:) mainly in Oslo!


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