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The Perfect 1-2 Week Italy Itinerary

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

In this blog post you can read about my perfect 1-2 week Italy itinerary! I'll also give you an insight about my top sight seeing spots, where I take my photos, and how I got to fit in 7 different Italian cities in only nine days. I also include tips you should know before traveling to Italy.

Picture taken in Villa Monastero in Lago Di Como

Mentioned in this article
  1. One week Italy Itinerary

  2. Two week Italy Itinerary

  3. Tips to know before traveling to Italy

  4. Trip Suggestions to know before traveling

1 week Italian Itinerary

Cities included in this article
  1. Lago Di Como

  2. Venice

  3. Florence

  4. Rome

  5. Almafi Coast

Day 1: Fly into Milan & Day in Lago Di Como

For the beginning of my travels, I decided to start in Northern Italy. I flew into Milano Bergamo Airport using RyanAir airlines. Milan wasn't necessarily one of the stops I wanted to include on my itinerary; but if you have time you should definitely include the fashion capital of the world in yours! From Milan, I bought a train ticket to Lago Di Como; which was only about an hour journey for only 8 Euros. That's where I began my Italian journey.

Where I stayed :

I stayed at Lake Como Hostel, "La Primula," in the small town of Menaggio!

Amazing price for the location and amenities. The hostel was right next to the ferry station which made it easy to bounce around from town to town; it also had it's own restaurant.

If you're on a budget, I highly recommend La Primula, but, if you have money to spend then I'd recommend staying at a hotel in the town of Bellagio or town of Como!

Picture taken in Menaggio Town Square

My Lago Di Como Itinerary


I highly recommend spending two days (or more if you have time) in Lake Como. I probably could have spent months here! Due to my itinerary I only got to spend two days, including the day that I flew in. I got to see all the towns of Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio and Como though with the available time that I had! Make sure to start your days early if you want the best pictures, and most importantly, more time!

-After I left my luggage at the hostel, I bought a ferry ticket to the town of Varenna (a 15 minute ferry ride from Menaggio).

Once you enter the town of Varenna, you get to walk through the famous Walk of Love which then leads to the main town square.

Taken in Varenna Town Square

Top sights in Varenna:

-Villa Monastero

-The Walk of Love

- Sentiero Del Viandante

-Castello Di Vezio

(I'm not going to lie, this one was quite a Hike and a half for me! Make sure to wear good sneakers when hiking this; it's around a 40 minute hike maybe less depending on the person! It is a must see due to the amazing view from the top and the ghosts!)

Next I took the ferry to the town of Bellagio which is only about a ten minute ride from Varenna. The cost is only Four Euros.

Top sights in Bellagio:

You guys have most definitely have seen this photo spot before! It a must see in Bellagio, but get up early to avoid people in your photos!

-Via Giuseppe Garibaldi

-Villa Serbelloni

-Villa Melzi

Bellagio is a very small but beautiful town. Even just for a stroll, it's worth a visit. Bellagio is often referred to as the "Pearl Of Lake Como," and I can see why!

Picture taken in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi

After exploring Bellagio, which doesn't take too long; I headed back over to Menaggio since it was already around six p.m. I ate dinner at the Hostel I was staying at, and then I decided to stay back and explore the town of Menaggio.

Menaggio, being quite the small town, I was able to explore most of it in little time! After exploring all that the same day of my flight, I was EXHAUSTED; and so I fell asleep around 9 p.m.

Top sights in Menaggio:

-Menaggio town square

DAY 2: Lago Di Como!

Since the first day you were mainly traveling; today is your first full day in Lake Como!

Today, the weather app kept saying it was going to rain and so I decided to stay close to my hostel. I took today to really explore the same towns I went to the first day and get to see some sights that I didn't get to see yesterday.

What was supposed to be on my itinerary for day 2 was the town of Nesso! You must go here if you have time!

Top sights in Nesso:

-Ponte de Civera

-Falls and Orrido

-Gondola on the Lake next to the bridge (of Civera)


I took the train out of Como S. Giovanni Station straight to Venice. I got up around 4:00am since my train was around 5:30. I really reccommend catching trains or buses to each city; it's what will be the most cheapest and efficient way to get from place to place. I use the application TrainLine (also on safari if you don't want to download it)! It offers cheap prices for transportation and almost everyone in Europe uses this.

Day 3: Venice, Italy

Picture taken in Venice, Italy


When you get to Venice, DON'T TAKE THE WATER TAXIS! I repeat, DON'T TAKE THE WATER TAXIS! I, being me, saw a boat right out of the train station and decided to take it... what I didn't know, is that it was 80 Euros for 15 minutes. Either walk in Venice or take the water ferry services they offer which is only 4 Euros or less!

Also, remember that Venice has no roads! Just canals, making it one of the most unique places on Earth!

Venice Itinerary:

I only spent one day in Venice, but I made sure to get there pretty early so I could fit everything I wanted to get in!

-Bridge of Sighs!

(Theres a small corner under the bridge by the stairs where you can take great photos!)

-St. Marks Square

-Rialto Bridge

-Libreria Acqua Alta

-Canals at Ponte De La Verona

-Burano Island

I highly recommend taking the ferry to Burano Island. It's about a 40 minute ferry right outside of Venice to an island filled with

colorful houses! I felt like I was in a neighborhood on a rainbow!

picture taken in Burano Island

Where I stayed: I stayed at a Hostel called "Casa Accademia," The workers here were so sweet, and very helpful. Its only around a 15-20 minute walk from the center as well.

If you're not on a budget, I recommend staying in St.Marks Square if you want closer walking distance to the main sights; OR choose a hotel overlooking the Grand Canal.

Day 4: Florence, Italy

Picture taken next to bus drop off in San Gimignano

Florence Itinerary:

Actually, as soon as I dropped off my stuff at the Hostel, I took a bus straight to a town called San Gimignano which is located in Tuscany, Italy and only an hour bus ride from Florence.

Florence and Tuscany are two very different vibes, so research and see where you want to spend this day! I didn't do as much research prior to my trip, and realized that I actually wanted to go to Val D'Orcia, which was about three hours from where I was staying so it wasn't really a possibility for me for this trip... but that's okay! There's always next time:) Florence is more city vibes, while Tuscany is a more relaxed vibe, choose wisely!

Top sights in San Gimignano:

-Piazza della Cisterna (main square)

-Palazzo del Popolo

-Santa Maria Assunta

-Panorama Su San Gimignano



(best gelato, theres always a little line outside the door! They have the craziest flavors)

I ended up getting the flavors Egg nog and red wine with Mango Thai HAHAH

and let me tell you... it tasted exactly like the names.

Picture taken in Piazza della Cisterna

After I explored San Gimignano, I hopped on the Bus back to Florence. It was only around 4pm right about now. (If you ever have a problem finding buses, download the application google maps! It tells you where the bus stops are and when the buses are coming! Truly a life saver in Europe!)

Picture taken of the Basilica of Santa Croce

Top sights in Florence:

-Florence Cathedral

-Piazzo Vecchio

-Statue of David (MUST SEE FOR ARTISTS & ALL)

-Piazzale Michelangelo

-Basilica of Santa Croce & Giotto's Campanile

- Basilica de San Lorenzo (I ate dinner at local pizzeria right across from this basilica)

Thats all I had time to see, but if you have more time...

-Boboli Gardens

-Bargello Museum

-Church of Santa Maria Novella

-Piazza della Signoria

Where I stayed: Hostel Archi Rossi

Super amazing artwork all around the hotel and located very close to the Basilica di San Lorenzo as well as the main town square. Again, if you were thinking more a Tuscan vibe, do more research on where to stay there!

Transportation: Took a 5:20am BUS to Rome! The buses to Rome are only an hour/ hour and a half long and only costed me 3 Euros. To get this ticket I used the website Rome2Rio. (Amazing website to see how to get from point A to B and cheap prices).

Day 5: Rome, Italy

I only spent a day in Rome for the sake of timing, but I would definitely include a minimum of 2-3 days here to get the full ROMAN experience;)

picture taken on stairs by Collo Oppio

Rome Itinerary:

-Roman Colosseu

-Trevi Fountai

-Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

-Piazza Venezia

-Largo Di Torre Argentina

-Capuchin Crypt

-Campo De'Fiori (Where Cesear was assassinated)

I used Google Maps to see the local bus routes in Rome. I made sure to ride the buses to get everywhere I needed to go but towards the end of the day I was so exhausted that I took a taxi HAHAH #oops.

You MUST see all these sights! The History here is actually unbelievable, and the fact that you're standing right ON where it all happened! Make sure to check these all off your list. I was lucky that I got to Rome very early in the morning and got to see these all. Crazy how much you can see in a day.

Instagram picture taking places in Rome:

For cute Roman streets:

-Via Margutta

-Trastevere Neighborhood

-Via de San Simone

-Via dei Coronari

Via Margutta is filled with beautiful art along the entire street. The amount of talent showcased in these streets still amaze me. Make sure to stop here and walk along one of the most beautiful streets in Rome.

picture of the street in via margutta

Day 6: Capri, Italy

Capri is a MUST see in Italy. It was honestly one of the main highlights on my trip; the beauty here was unbeatable. The only downside was a single drink cost me 15 Euros! I decided that this was the place I was going to splurge a little and I ended up taking a one hour boat ride throughout the island. it was cheaper than I thought but still a little pricey! They go from 70-90 euros, but I got it for 60 so make sure to try and bargain!

Capri Itinerary:

-The Blue Grotto

-Capri's Piazzetta

-Villa San Michele

-Gardens of Augustus

-Punta Tragara

-Sirens Rocks at Marina Piccola

picture taken outside grand ferry dock in Capri

Where I stayed: I actually stayed in Naples and took a ferry very early in the morning to spend the entire day in Capri. I ended up staying at the Naples Experience Hostel. The rooms were great and the staff was AMAZING. The hostel was also a great price! The location wasn't the best since I didn't really even spend a minute in Naples but it was a great hostel. I recommend staying closer to the ferry station though which I was I had done.

Day 7: Almafi Coast, Italy

picture taken in Fornillo Beach

Almafi Coast Itinerary:




-Fiordo de Furore

Positano Itinerary:

- Spiagga Grande (the most famous beach!)

-Fornillo beach (somewhere less crowded and in my opinion, insanely beautiful).

-Walk around town! Explore the shops (they're all a little pricey though)!

Where to eat:

My favorite place I went to was called "Casa E Bottega," it was a very unique restaurant which offered healthy foods!

-Buca di Bacco was very good as well and a cute picture taking place!

photo taken by positano marina

Picture taken at Fornillo Beach

If you only have a week, I would rest here for the day and get a hotel in Positano. Lay by the beach, tan, read a book, just RELAX!! You had a whole adventure! If you have more time here is what I did. I spent two days here in the Almafi Coast; though I stayed in Ravello and got to explore all parts of the Coast!

Bus to Almafi!

Later that day, I took a bus to Almafi after Positano. The buses from Positano to Almafi are scheduled a lot and you should have no trouble getting one for only 1.50 Euros. I didn't really have much of an itinerary for the town of Almafi but I would make sure to see the Almafi Cathedral.

Bus to Ravello!

From Almafi you can take a bus to Ravello, which to me was a must see.

Things to see in Ravello are...

-Villa Cimbrone

-Da Salvatore

-Villa Rufolo

-The Town Square

Picture taken in Villa Cimbrome in Ravello

Where I stayed: I stayed at Ravello View Hotel in Scala, Italy which had an amazing view of the Coast. It was pretty easy to get transport from Scala to Almafi and then Almafi to wherever you were looking to go along the coast.

How to get to the Almafi Coast: Getting to the Almafi Coast was a little confusing for me hahah but I figured it out when asking around. If you're coming from Naples (like I was) you take a train to Salerno Central and then take a bus to Almafi. You can buy bus tickets at the train station or online. Same goes from any other train station you're coming from... the main entry station for Almafi is Salerno!

Picture taken in Varenna, Lake Como

For a 2-week Italy Itinerary

Two weeks is perfect time alot to explore a little more. For two weeks I would make this my itinerary

Day 1. Lago Di Como (Bellagio, Varenna)

Day 2. Lago Di Como (Nesso, Como)

Day 3. Venice

Day 4. Tuscany

Day 5. Tuscany & Pisa

Day 6. Umbria

Day 7. Rome

Day 8. Rome

Day 9. Almafi Coast

Day 10. Almafi Coast

Day 11. Day trip to Capri

Day 12. Palermo, Sicily

Day 13. Palermo, Sicily

Day 14. Palermo, Sicily

  1. Transportation around Italy

  2. Where to stay

  3. Trip Suggestions

  4. My personal favorites

Transportation around Italy

I highly recommend just taking the trains and buses to get around Italy. This will be the cheapest and most efficient way to travel around cities. Many people recommend purchasing a Rail Pass for your trip to Italy. This would allow you to ride almost every train without needing to make a reservation! I personally, just bought the train tickets the night before I would go somewhere or at the train station the day of. Obviously on higher tourist seasons buying a Rail pass or buying tickets in advance would be a better bet.

Where to stay in Italy

If you're on a budget I highly recommend staying at hostels around the area. I always make sure the hostels I stay at have good reviews and are in a good location since I do tend to walk to most places. To find hostels nearby I usually use or . Every hostel I have stayed at has been an incredibly great experience and the rooms have looked exactly like regular hotel rooms! Most hostels go from 15-35 Euros a night!

If you're looking for something mid-ranged I reccomend staying at hotels that are closer to your favorite sight in the area you are in. This way you can walk easily around town and not bother with public transportation. Mid range hotels often offer a free breakfast as well which allows you to start your day with a free meal! is still my favorite for mid ranged hotels as well. Mid Ranged hotels go from anywhere from 65-150 Euros a night

If you're looking for luxurious stays in the area, personally I do some research and see which five star hotel I would rather stay at. I usually search on google, "Best hotels to stay at in -" and start clicking on a bunch of links to see which hotel I fall in love with the most. I also see where my other favorite bloggers have stayed in the past and see from there. Luxury hotels go from anywhere from 200-5,000 or more Euros a night.

Picture taken in Via Margutta in Rome

Trip Suggestions for your trip to Italy


It's very respectful to try to speak in the native language of the country you're visiting and the locals appreciate it a lot! It's also fun to learn new languages and it really immerses you in the culture!

(Ciao, grazie, prego, buongiorno, etc)

2. Beware of pickpockets! Especially in the more crowded sights. Many recommend that you wear your backpack on the front of you as well as your purse to make sure it's always visible to you. Pickpockets can be very sneaky and 99% of the time, you don't see them coming.

3. Make sure to have a European power adapter for your camera, phone, laptop, any other electronics. They have two different type of plugs and you can buy them off

4. The currency the Europeans use is the Euro. 1 USD = 0.82459 Euros. If you have a big spend in Europe, just know it's going to be ALOT more than your use to spending. Make sure to always keep a little cash on you as well if you need a last minute taxi or bus ticket. Don't lose your coins too! Coins have bigger value in Europe than they do in the US so don't lost them!

My personal favorites

I loved my time in Lago Di Como.The villages were all so beautiful with tiny cobblestone paths. It was very unique since you could take a ferry to many different small towns each different from the other. Everybody was very nice in Lake Como and made me feel very welcomed. Since I went June 2021, not many people were in the area due to Covid restrictions. Lago Di Como is mainly a tourist city and since there were no tourists it resulted in me having a nice relaxing trip, a good escape. A must go for small town lovers like me.

Another favorite of mine was Capri!

Although Capri was the most expensive town I have been too in awhile, as soon as I got there I was in awe. Capri has this magical attribute to it and it just makes you feel like a living, breathing fairy! The streets, the stores, the town square was just breathtaking! It was a hike to get to the main square but it was worth it. It also was the best meal I had in the entire trip to Italy (other than the Napoli Pizza of course).

Picture taken in Varenna

I didn't get to see Val D'Orcia in Tuscany but I just know I would love it! Ill make sure to put it into the itinerary of my next trip. I liked Ravello alot as well due to the same small town vibe it gave me. The views from Ravello were just astonishing and the mountain ranges were beautiful. Definitely a quiet and good place to go to escape the crowds in Positano.

Anyways, that's my perfect Italy itinerary! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have an amazing time it Italy:)


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