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Mexico: A Travel Guide

In this blog post you can read about where to stay in Mexico, costs, activities you can do, safety, beautiful locations, an Itinerary you can complete and more! Mexico was one of the most fun and beautiful places I have visited but you need to know the country / plan if you want to go!

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is filled with beauty. Whether it be the culture, artwork or history, there's so much to see here. There are a bunch of stereotypes that you will hear before you travel to Mexico and so I decided to come up with a guide to deny or confirm certain stereotypes based on travel. Coming from a Half Latin family, I LOVE the culture in Mexico and I do definitely recommend you go here immediately! I took my friends on a vacation here as well, and they absolutely loved it. There's more to see than all inclusive resorts or beaches here and so keep reading to find out more about this beautiful country!

Mentioned in this blog
  • Where to stay

  • Things to see and do

  • When to go

  • Safety

  • Costs

  • Nightlife

  • Transportation; how to get around

Where to stay

Mexico is a very unique country filled with a variety of different things you can see. From relaxing white sand beaches to exploring one of the wonders of the world there is so much to do here. Where to stay has a huge impact on what you do and where you go... it also relays the whole vibe of the trick! If you're trying to figure out which part of the country to stay in, I listed a small guide to help you decide.

If you want to relax!

If you are looking to relax on a beautiful white sand beach and eat amazing dishes seaside then I highly recommend Tulum, Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. These are extremely beautiful beach towns with a lot to offer. Not only do they have the most gorgeous beaches, they also have Mayan Ruins you can explore as well. Each are very different from each other but all a good pick on where to stay!

If you want a dream vacation I would choose Tulum. Though some things here might be a little pricey, it truly is a dream come true. Tulum is home to many beautiful cenotes and Mayan ruins that you can freely explore on our own. Very beautiful, but far from the other towns which makes this quite the place to relax. If you by chance do get tired of relaxing, there's also some incredible restaurants for nightlife as well.

Where to stay in Tulum

I highly recommend staying in an AirBnb here. When I went to Mexico, I stayed in the most amazing Airbnb... I'll link some of my favorites down below! The entire Airbnb page is filled with unique stays so it's going to be hard choosing one! Keep in mind, Tulum is more expensive in price which is why the airbnbs / hotels here are a little costy.


AirBnb for 60$ Villas H20 56$

AirBnb for 66 $ Keej by NIIK Tulum 56$

AirBnb for 72 $ Bayou tent stay 30$

AirBnb for 102 $ Caribena 68$

AirBnb for 111 $ Mayan Monkey 117$

AirBnb for 190 $ KAN Tulum 250$

AirBnb for 390 $ Jungle Keva Tulum Lodges 356$

TOP 3 Luxury hotels in Tulum

1. Azulik Resort (one of the most famous hotels in Tulum, known for its amazing interior and exterior decor as well as its rooftop.

2. La Valise Hotel (very famous for its balconies; it's. beach hotel in a jungle filled area with stunning rooms)

3. Casa Malca (Pablo Escobars old mansion was turned into an artsy hotel on a beach, super unique stay!)

TOP 3 cheaper stays in Tulum

  1. Lum Hostel 14$

  2. Mamas Home Hostel 16$

  3. Shambalam Hostel 16$

There were so many more I could have put on this list! If you want to see more unique choices go on They have amazing choices of hostels and I do recommend staying in one. I usually stay in hostels when I travel and I can say that it's usually a very fun experience! If you want to budget your trip, these choices are beautiful!

Another relaxing vacation spot is the beautiful Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is a small strip of island just off the coast of Cancun that is known for its beautiful resorts and beaches. Since it is small, it is more laid-back and relaxing but that doesn't mean it doesn't have awesome activities you can do!

Where to stay in Isla Mujeres

If you're trying to relax, I highly recommend staying in a hotel or resort here. Isla Mujeres is known for its all inclusive beach resorts that are just so stunning! Isla Mujeres is perfect for families and couples since it is more quiet than the other cities; but if you're a solo traveler I'm sure you'll love it just as much.


AirBnb 51$ Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres 600$

AirBnb 62$ Mia Reef Isla Mujers 320$

AirBnB 69$ Casa de los Suenos Boutique 212$

Waterfront AirBnb 91$ Isla Mujeres Palace 336$

AirBnB 170$ Hotel Secreto 152$

AirBnb 192$ Excellence Playa Mujeres 496$

AirBnb 195$ Casa Alkimia Oceanfront 199$

TOP 3 Cheapest stays in Isla Mujeres

  1. Nomads Hotel Hostel and Beach Club 24$

  2. Selina Pos Na Isla Mujeres 23$

  3. Les Trois Singes 16$

If you want to relax but also have opportunity to adventure than I would choose the town of Cozumel. Many cruises stop here due to the beautiful white sand beaches and world class snorkeling. Cozumel is home to the best snorkeling in the world so get those goggles ready!


Airbnb 35$ The Explorean Cozumel 188$

Airbnb 39$ Hotel B Cozumel 108$

Airbnb 41$ (LOVE) Villas El Encanto 86$

AirBnb 55$ Intercontinental Presidente Cozumel 317$

Airbnb Villa 63$ Hacienda San Miguel 91$

Airbnb Villa 81$ Tamarindo Bed and Breakfast 65$

Airbnb 83$ Blue Angel 160$

TOP 3 Luxury Stays

  1. The Explorean Cozumel All Inclusive 360$

  2. InterContinental Presidente Resort and Spa 204$

  3. Cozumel Palace 390$

TOP 3 Cheapest places to stay

  1. Amigos Hostel Cozumel 10$

  2. Hostel Auijyani 16$

  3. Caribo Cozumel 11$

If you want to party!

If you are searching for a more fun uplifting party trip; I recommend staying in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. Both towns are filled with parties, day or night! Down below are some recommendations of places to stay.

If you stay in Playa Del Carmen almost all accommodations include beach access. Playa is a great choice if you want a balance of relaxing beach time, adventures, and nightlife. If you're looking for a good party, then you've come to the right place since playa is not only known for its beautiful beaches... but also for its famous beach clubs on Calle 12!


AirBnb for 45$ Hotel La Semilla 82$

AirBnb for 46$ Hacienda Xcaret 74$

AirBnb for 54$ Petite Lafitte Bungalows 300$

AirBnb for 59$ Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya 500$

AirBnb for 64$ El Dorado Maroma 320$

AirBnb for 64$ Mahekal beach Front & Spa 280$

AirBnb for 74$ Grand Palladium Resort 194$

TOP 3 Luxury Hotels in Playa

  1. Rosewood Mayakoba 1,650$

  2. Viceroy Riviera Maya 819$

  3. Palmaia All Inclusive 1,200$

TOP 3 Cheapest Stays in Playa

  1. Selina Hostel 14$

  2. Che Playa Hostel and Bar 8$

  3. Ocean Zen Suites 14$

The next party place is Cancun! Cancun is the perfect place to stay for your first time in Mexico... but If you decide to stay in Cancun, this will be the busiest area. Cancun is home to amazing restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and great day parties! A lot of people choose Cancun so make sure to book ahead of time in order to secure deals!


AirBnb 42$ Casa Tortugas 111$

AirBnb 41$ The Westin Resort 161$

AirBnb 46$ Club Med Cancun 396$

AirBnb 38$ Iberostar Selection Cancun 299$

AirBnb 30$ Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach 350$

AirBnb 35$ The Westin Resort 199$

AirBnb 34$ JW Mariott 250$

Top 3 Luxury hotels in Cancun

  1. The Ritz-Carlton Cancun 500$

  2. Nizuk Resort and Spa 600$

  3. Le Blanc Spa and Resort 700$

Top 3 Cheapest Stays in Cancun

  1. Hostalito Mexican Hostel 7$

  2. Selina Downtown Cancun 15$

  3. Mayan Monkey Hostel 17$

If you want to explore

Of course you can explore in all of the places above, but from these cities about to be named, you can be more enriched in the culture and speaking to more locals!

The area you stay in Mexico City is very important. It may be a little unsafer in some areas of Mexico City so it is important that you choose where you stay wisely. Anyhow, there are so many interesting museums here to explore and they have a beautiful historic center. Mexico City is filled with fun adventures that will keep you on your feet!


AirBnb 24$ Casa Emilia 93$

AirBnb 39$ Hotel Geneve 62$

AirBnb 59$ La Valise 122$

AirBnb 58$ Mumedi Design Hotel 122$

AirBnb 80$ H21 Hospedaje Boutique 174$

AirBnb. 90$ W Mexico City 145$

Top 3 Luxury Hotels in Mexico City

  1. The Four Seasons

  2. Sofitel

  3. St. Regis

Top 3 Cheapest Stays in Mexico City

  1. Viajero Hostel 22$

  2. Casa Pepe 17$

  3. Wanderlust District 18$

Things To See And Do

Mexico is FILLED with adventures, culture, food tastings, history, their famous white sanded beaches and MORE. There are so many fun things to do while in Mexico and I highly suggest you do more than just lay on the beautiful beach. If you do want a relaxing vacation though, their beaches are perfect to lay on... you just want to lay there forever! If you're up for some adventures I have a small list of things you can add to your Mexican Itinerary:)

See the Wonder of the World Chichen-Itza

Being one of teh new wonders of the world, chichen itza is a must see. Chichen-Itza is a ruined ancient Mayan city known to be the most populous in their time. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, it is also home to a lot of natural Cenotes that are worth a see.

Swim in the Magical Cenotes

Mexico is home to more than a thousand natural Cenotes. Here, it is possible to snorkel, dive and swim in the cenotes! You have to include visiting one in your itinerary; it truly is magical!

Ancient Ruins

Being home to the Mayans, Aztecs and more... there are many of sacred ruins still left here in Mexico to visit. Being able to be up close to these sacred treasures is such a magical experience. Here in Mexico you can see the Palenque ruins, Tulum Ruins, Monte Alban Pyramid, Coba Pyramid, Teotihuacan ruins, Uxmal and more.

Cultural Shows

Mexico is known for it's uplifting and fun culture! Their culture is celebrated all around the world and its always a fiesta! Mexico varies in cultural shows ranging from a mariachi show all the way to the famous parade of the day of the dead! There are also so many food, art and history tours located all around the country.

Eat the local Cuisine

You've definitely already had Mexican food... I mean who hasn't! It's one of the tastiest cuisines in the world and has made its way across the globe. Trying it while in Mexico is a must do since they make it so authentic and SO yummy! Get ready to fill your tummy with thousands of original dishes like hues rancheros, tacos, chilaquiles and so much more.

Swim with Whale Sharks

This has been on my personal list FOREVER! Mexico makes it possible to swim and be close to these gentle giants, observing them in their natural habitat. These are the largest fishes in the world and swimming with them is definitely something to cross off your bucket list.

Snorkel and visit an underwater museum

Mexico is home to some of the best snorkeling in the world. Snorkeling in Cozumel is beyond magical due to the beautiful colored reefs and varies of fish you can see. While snorkeling, in other locations you can see wonderful underwater museums such as Cancun's underwater museum!

Go to the Frida Kahlo Museum

Frida Kahlo is considered one of Mexico's greatest and more treasured artists of all time. Painting mainly self portraits, she exhibited her work in Mexico and Paris. Her house was turned into a museum that still holds some of her paintings, dresses and parts of her life.

Museum hop in Mexico City

Mexico has the second largest amount of museums in the world! Containing such a great vary of museums it may be hard to pick a couple to go too! Some museums you can go too are the Museo Nacional de Antropología, Caza Azul, Munal Museo Nacional de Arte, and Museo Dolores Olmendo. There are many more but those are some recommendations!

Go to Xcaret Park

Xcaret is a theme park near Cancun, Mexico which offers many fun natural and cultural activities. From visiting sacred Mayan temples, churches and plazas to swimming underground and floating down rivers; Xcaret has many interesting and unique activities to be a part of.

Drink some tequila

If you're looking for a party, they're pretty much everywhere - and they're pretty much all drinking tequila! Tequila was originated in Mexico and theres even a city in Mexico named Tequila as well! Might as well drink some tequila in Tequila, Mexico!

Listen to mariachi

Mariachi music has been played in Mexico since the 18th century. It is a local music that usually is played during celebrations or parties! Played by a small musical ensemble, Mariachi is a fundamental element to the Mexican culture and is quite fun to dance too!

Go skydiving in Playa del Carmen

Another interesting thing you can do while in Mexico is go skydiving! I mean... if you're up for it! Playa del Carmen has safe and wonderful skydiving trips that I even went on myself! While you jump out of the plane you can look over the crystal clear blue seas; quite the view.

When To Go

Instead of four seasons, Mexico has two seasons... Rainy season and dry season. Rainy season brings heavy downpours and is not ideal if you're going to Mexico on a vacation. Rainy season usually begins in May and lasts until October and so summer vacation can be a little tricky to plan out! Most people go during the dry season which tends to start in November and last until April. The coast remains warm and hot all year long meanwhile areas more West with higher elevation actually tend to get chilly during winter!

Mexicos beach resorts and parties tend to be most fun in the months of November or may!


Mexico is one of the most astounding countries... but is it safe? Unfortunately, Mexico can be very dangerous depending on which city you're staying in. It's a surprise to people when they figure out that this is still a developing nation. Resort cities are less likely to have high risk violence and most tourists to Mexico are unaffected by crimes unless it is by pickpockets or robbers. Most of the violence stays in bigger crime cities such as Tijuana and Acapulco. There are many drug cartels in Mexico which result in a high homicide rate. Kidnappings and rapes are also common here so you are aware. If you don't put yourself at risk, it is rare you will feel unsafe; down below are the answers to your questions about safety in Mexico.

Though Mexico can be dangerous, I felt extremely safe when I went since I followed a good amount of protocols. Before we start on the questions, I am going to list a couple things to ask yourself before you travel.

Where area are you staying?

The area you stay in highly relays on what you will experience. Click here to see the safest areas to stay in Mexico; or the most dangerous cities.

How will you get around?

As talked about above, transportation is KEY to remaining safe in Mexico. I highly recommend Ubers since there are taxis that will hide that they are unofficial and unsafe. Public transportation if taken correctly can be safe, but I wouldn't take my chances. Having your hotel call you a taxi or Uber is the safest way to get around in Mexico.

What are you planning on doing?

If you're going sightseeing, be careful with your valuables since pickpocketing is pretty common here. Robberies can occur sometimes as well so make sure to keep your things hidden and out of sights.

Safest cities in Mexico

There's no lie when I say that some cities are just way safer than others here in Mexico. In these cities it's very rare that you will experience any type of violence or crime, but not impossible so still be alert. When I went to these cities I felt so safe, had my phone out, and really partied! So, these are definitely my top picks if you want to relax and not worry too much about crime!

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the number one safest travel destination in Mexico; especially if your'e traveling solo! Known for its beautiful white sand beaches this is a place where you can truly relax and enjoy the atmosphere you're in. There has been incidents with crime such as petty theft and robbery here but very rarely. It is safe to walk around but always be careful and keep your things out of sight! In my personal experience, I felt 100% safe here and everyone was SO kind to my friends and I. Truly like a dream.

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Though there HAS been a few issues in Tulum, it has remained a relatively safe and popular travel destination. Tulum has one of the lowest crime rates in Mexico and many people who visit claim to have had no experience with petty crime. It is likely that you will feel safe in this touristy beach town... but it also happens to be one of the more expensive cities in Mexico. My personal experience here was great... I had no worries at all and felt 100% safe the entire time I was there. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be alert though... enjoy but be careful! :) A must go in Mexico for sure.


When traveling to Mexico, people often don't go here... but you should! Oaxaca is also one of the safest cities in Mexico. It has remained at the top of the list for many years. A lot of crime in Oaxaca can be easily avoided which leads you to have va more relaxing vacation. Though, like most cities, the biggest crime here would be theft so at the end of the day always watch your back. Oaxaca is one of the most unique and astonishing cities in Mexico due to its rich history and amazing cuisine. This is more of a small town with amazing beaches as well so it's definitely worth a see!

Cancun (sometimes...)

There are multiple reasons why I said Cancun is safe... SOMETIMES! Cancun remains the most popular tourist destination in Mexico. Many resorts are located here as well as popular hotels and chains. Cancun is currently on the low risk of crime but I say sometimes since other than theft, homicide has increased here especially in 2021. These murders are USUALLY gang related; and occur between rival gangs who don't target tourists. When I went to Cancun, I felt really safe the entire time... especially because it was filled with tourists. We would run around a lot and we even felt safe during the night... no one tried to rob us or scam us. I would be careful of scams though since there are a lot.

Most dangerous cities in Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico

Known as one of the most dangerous cities worldwide, Tijuana is where many drug smugglers and migrants cross into the US. Tijuana holds one of the highest murder and crime rates due to heavy gang violence as well as many cartels. Stay away from this city or proceed with extreme caution.

Chihuahua, Mexico & Cuidad Juarez

The state of Chihuahua is also one of the most dangerous places you can visit. Chihuahua also leads Mexico in one of the highest murder rates involving torturous methods of homicide. Cuidad Juarez is located in the state of Chihuahua and it notorious for high levels of crime because of its connection to drug cartels and gangs located in the area. Many kidnappings have been reported in these two as well; so proceed with police or with extreme precautions.

Acapulco, Mexico

Now this city might sound a little familiar to you, I know it did to me. Once a prized vacation spot toured a lot by major celebrities, has turned into one of the worlds most dangerous due to levels of murder. It is the seventh most deadly city in the world as of 2020 and the US government has warned its citizen's to avoid travel there.

Other dangerous Mexican cities: Cuidad Obregon, Uruapan, Irapuato, Ensenda.


Other than the beautiful scenery, people love choosing this fantastic travel destination due to the great prices! Mexico is generally very affordable except the cities of Yucatan and Tulum... those two tend to be more pricey due to the location.


In Mexico, finding unique and beautiful accommodations is easy...and also doesn't cost too much! You can find amazing accommodations for as as 20USD a night.

If you're looking for something even cheaper, you can stay in a dorm at a hostel for only 10USD a night or 30USD for a private room. Hostels are usually very fun to stay at since they organize trips for you and help you meet many other travelers! This will be one of your cheapest options if you're looking to budget your trip. For safety and sanitary reasons, make sure the hostel has good reviews before you book.

I usually stay in Airbnbs when I go to Mexico, because it ends up being an excellent experience every SINGLE time. The prices are so low, and you can get an amazing air bnb that is decorated uniquely and in the middle of all the activities! AirBnbs go as low as 20USD a night or if you want to splurge, you can get a beach house for not too big of a price as well. AirBnb has a range of apartments, houses, bed and breakfasts that you can check out and usually they're all pretty unique when in Mexico!

Staying in a hotel is something else you can choose if you're looking for a more quiet and comfortable stay. Hotels in Mexico are usually pretty affordable ranging from 25USD to 300USD a night. 25USD a night for a hotel?! What! Can't beat the prices here in Mexico. You can get a very nice and spacious hotel for an average of 50-70USD a night. Hotels will be cheapest in the major cities such as Mexico City but you can definitely find a good price like that in the resort cities as well.

Many people who want to relax with unlimited food, drinks and activities, choose to stay in resorts. There are hundreds of resorts to choose from in Mexico, each so uniquely beautiful. Playa Mujeres and Riveria Maya are two amazing spots for all inclusive resorts. Resorts can be a bit pricey but not as pricey as other countries... the average price of an all inclusive resort is around 400USD. There are definitely some cheaper ones, as well as more expensive and luxury.

Finally, if you want to spend no money, there are ways to travel to Mexico for free! You can try workaway if you're planning on living in Mexico for awhile. They pay your accommodation and usually your food as well in exchange for a few hours of work anywehre of your choosing. They give you multiple options on the workaway website and it sounds like a great and well PAID experience. You can also try WWOOFing which is almost exactly like Workaway in where they pay for your accommodation and food as well! Couchsurfing is another free way to travel Mexico but more of a hassle.


If you're planning on visiting different cities in Mexico, then transportation is going to add on to your expenses and so I added a little guide on transportation costs in Mexico to help you choose which is best for you!

If you're planning on doing a long distance travel to another city, do not take a taxi! I highly recommend you take a bus. I would talk to your accommodation owner on which bus company to take, but buses are the most efficient and are the cheapest way to travel in Mexico. They offer luxury buses as well as tour buses if you don't feel comfortable catching a local one. Long distance buses can be as low as 1USD to 30USD while short distance buses cost less than a dollar.

Taxis in Mexico are probably the most used as well as uber. Many travelers have switched to using Uber in Mexico since it is a safer way to travel. Short distance taxis are usually 1USD per kilometer while if you're looking to take a long distance taxi, (for example from Tulum to Cancun which is one hour and a half) the taxi would cost 250USD. Taxis are recommended for smaller distances only and not to be hailed off the street especially at night.

Finally, the last mode of transportation I want to talk about is driving. Car rentals go as low as 15USD a day but usually they have hidden fees. On average, car rentals are around 100-200USD a week with a 200-400 dollar deposit. I was able to drive in Mexico from Tulum to Cancun and the driving was relatively very easy. I had no trouble driving and wasn't worried at all. If you drive in Mexico City though, be careful since the traffic and the amount of cars there is absurd! Driving along the coasts should be easy though but watch out for all the massive speed bumps! I swear everyone I have talked too said their car flew off the ground... and so did mine!


If you go to Mexico, there's no doubt that you will be eating some of the best favors and food in the country! Mexican food has been a cuisine that has taken over the world. For right reason, since the food here is always so tasty. The local food here is so cheap as well, so get ready to eat a lot! You can buy a 1 dollar meal or a 10 dollar meal... all pretty inexpensive and so tasty! Breakfast is usually less expensive than lunch and dinner but again, all food is usually pretty affordable! A popular traditional breakfast that you will have to try when in Mexico is the Chilaquiles which are scrambled/fried eggs and pulled chicken usually with cheese and cream on top.


Activities in Mexico are also pretty inexpensive and SO FUN! They have so many unique activities that blow your mind away. From Ruin hopping to swimming with Whale Sharks, Mexico is the best place to blow your money on with fun activities. Entrances to ruins (such as the famous World wonder Chichen Itza) are usually 4USD-15USD. Entrance to the cenotes are usually 10-18USD, and museums are more on the cheaper side the lowest price for entry being 1.50USD.

If you want a personal tour accompanied with a local, the price is usually around 60USD total; and usually it includes the transportation there!

Snorkel tours or whale shark tours are around 80-150USD, but I would highly recommend these if you're not on a budget since the snorkeling in Mexico is unbelievable.


I'm going to touch on what I mentioned above on transportation but more in detail. If you're traveling Mexico on a budget, I recommend you take camoines (buses) around. Buses are better for long distance travel since they are ecological and cheap. Traveling via bus in Mexico is usually safe since security patrols the stations and usually has no trouble. To ride the bus, you usually need to buy a ticket online before; I always search on google to find the best websites. While you buy your ticket, make sure to choose the right class that you want to be on so that you can be comfortable on the ride. You can choose Executive Class which is the most Luxury, First Class or Second class. Second class is the most affordable for budget travelers and usually safe; but keep an eye on your valuables! Long distance buses can be as low as 1USD to 30USD while short distance buses cost less than a dollar.

Taxis in Mexico are probably the most used as well as uber. Many travelers have switched to using Uber in Mexico since it is a safer way to travel. Taxis can be metered or unmetered. If they are metered, they usually charge you based on how many kilometer they are driving you while if they are unmetered, you agree to a set price. Taxis are recommended for smaller distances only and not to be hailed off the street especially at night. Taxi drivers speak little to no English, so brushing up on your Spanish before taking a taxi is greatly appreciated and helpful. It's usually really fun to speak to a local about their country! Although taxi related crimes have lowered and are not that common now, they still could happen and so make sure to take an official taxi if you do; or better, take an Uber.

There are few train stations in Mexico... a couple subways but it's not really the most logical way of travel. There are a couple long distance railways but not in most tourist locations.

Finally, the last mode of transportation I want to talk about is driving. Car rentals go as low as 15USD a day but usually they have hidden fees. On average, car rentals are around 100-200USD a week with a 200-400 dollar deposit. I was able to drive in Mexico from Tulum to Cancun and the driving was relatively very easy. I had no trouble driving and wasn't worried at all. If you drive in Mexico City though, be careful since the traffic and the amount of cars there is absurd! Driving along the coasts should be easy though but watch out for all the massive speed bumps! I swear everyone I have talked too said their car flew off the ground... and so did mine!


Mexico is known for many things, and it's nightlife is definitely one of them. Mexico is a popular destination spot for tourists who really want to PARTY! Each city has their own crazy parties filled with dancing, music, and lot's of tequila. Mexico is home to some of the best parties I've ever been too; so get ready for a fun night out.

Towns with the best parties


First up, is the craziest party city in Mexico which is Cancun. There are dozens of nightclubs in Cancun which make it fun to club hop all night! The nightclubs here are all wild and play the BEST music for partying! Cancun goes over the top with it's nightlife having all you can drink bars, giant dance floors and lot's of reggaeton music. Some of the best nightclubs here are Mandala, La Vaquita, Coco Bongo, and Abolengo. If you can't choose between those, well don't worry because there's so many more! I went to each of those clubs and they were all so fun! My favorite bar is located in Cancun as well as other cities; Señor Frogs! My favorite memories of my Mexico took place in Señor Frogs so make sure to grab some drinks there!

Playa Del Carmen

Having a couple of the same clubs as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is a close runner up for the best parties! Since this is a costal city as well, there are a TON of beach clubs to dance all day at such as Mamitas Beach Club and Coralina Daylight Club! Dancing to reggaeton right by the coast is an amazing feeling; as well as the great service you get when on the beach. They also have insane nightclubs where you can dance all night in as well, such as Palazzo Disco, Mandala, Coco Maya and more!

Cabo San Lucas

In Cabo, you will have insane day and night party options. Cabo is known for the "spring break experience," since this city usually gets WILD! In Cabo there is no trouble finding a party whether it nine in the morning or ten at night. Mango Deck, Omnia, and Blue Marlin are all daytime beach parties that are usually hosted by incredible DJS from all over the world! They are crowds are usually younger adults but they get crazy so get ready to dance all day! For nightclubs, mandala and Pink Kitty are the most popular nightclubs in this town but there are dozens more!


Tulum also parties everyday! Tulum is so beautiful so every party you go to will have amazing interior decor that makes you feel like your right in Mexico! Some of the best parties here are Papaya Playa Project, Casa Jaguar, and Le Zebra Hotel! Papaya Playa has the best parties I've been to in Tulum and is filled with hundreds of partiers. The parties here go on for hours, and not one soul stops dancing! If you want to party while you eat, Taboo Tulum is an amazing vibe! They play such fun music and people even get on their chairs and dance while their eating! Its right next to the beach so you can take a quick detour after your meal!

My personal favorites

Tulum was by far my favorite city to relax in Mexico! There wasn't as much nightlife as I hoped, however, it's beauty really took me by surprise. The beaches were clean and crystal clear; the food was SPECTACULAR and the views were just breathtaking! I highly recommend staying in Tulum if you want a relaxing beach vacation.

If you want some nightlife, my favorites are Cancun and Playa Del Carmen... it's ALWAYS a party over there! It's better to stay in the areas of Cancun and Playa if you're looking to have fun; and then rent a car or take the bus one day to spend the day in Tulum!


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