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Fun things to do while in Amsterdam

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

After going to Amsterdam for a week with my best friend, I got to compile a list of the most fun activities to do whilst there! Amsterdam is full of fun and crazy activities to do / see; especially some very unique ones that you can't see anywhere else.

If you're planning on visiting museums while you're there, I recommend getting the I Amsterdam City Card which gives you free entrance to Amsterdam's most famous attractions / museums and most importantly free transportation!

Rent a bike and cycle through Amsterdam's hidden gems!

Amsterdam is probably the most famous city known for being cycle-friendly! It's almost a must to rent a bike here; almost every single Dutch citizen rides a bike. There is actually more bikes than citizens here in Amsterdam and that is a proven fact! The bike is the primary mode of transportation, although other modes are used as well such as taxis, trams, buses, and cars. Riding a bike for the first time in Amsterdam can be a little confusing or stressful since there are so many bikes and cars that it's hard to get around; especially when not knowing the city very well. Always avoid rush hour; even if you've visited the city before... and another thing to note is in Amsterdam, while riding a bike you must always use hand signals to let others know when you're about to turn! Make sure to always lock your bike when you're not using it because theft is a big problem there; mainly for bikes!

Explore Amsterdam's famous canals

When people mention Amsterdam, most minds already picture the Amsterdam canals. Amsterdam has a total of 165 canals that you can adventure throughout! If you don't want to walk, Amsterdam has thousands of floating boat tours /cruises that you can go on. You can even dine on some of the boats for a fancy evening! The Amsterdam canals are around 60 miles long but I wouldn't even dare about going in the water due to the things that have been thrown in it; so I would just stay on the boats hahah.

Go thrifting throughout Amsterdam

I've never seen a country where EVERYONE had amazing style. Let me tell you, every single person on the street had amazing outfits! I was staring at everyone in awe; just in love with everyones style. Most people in Amsterdam actually thrift their clothes, and I compiled a list of my favorite thrift stores; and some that my Dutch friends recommend!

1. Episode

This thrift store has four locations, and is probably the most packed in Amsterdam. Look online for your nearest location! At this thrift store you can find the best finds! It's my personal favorite as well as a couple of my friends.

2. Zipper Vintage Clothing

Huidenstraat 7, 1016 ER Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Kilo Shop

At this store, they weigh your clothes by kilo! So you don't pay per item... it's great! This store also has amazing finds and they have these in other countries as well!

Waterlooplein 189, 1011 PG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Havenstraat 3, 1075 PR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Albert Cuypstraat 100, 1072 CX Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Time Machine Vintage

Near this thrift store there are many others surrounding it as well as regular shops as well!

Nieuwe Hoogstraat 5A, 1011 HC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visit a coffeeshop and get LEGALLY high!

So when I went to Amsterdam, the question I was most frequently got asked was, "so did you go to their coffeeshops?". The answer was, yes and it was so fun! I'm not a smoker, but since I was with my best friend and in Amsterdam I said why not and we went to one of the best coffeeshops to buy their legal weed! They have an insane menu with options that are all regulated (which means they are pretty safe!). I really enjoyed Barney's for their options, as well as Grey Area, Katsu, and Blue Bird. To smoke at I enjoyed The Bulldog which is also the hotel we stayed at! They have a huge chain of bulldog stores, coffeeshops, hotels, restaurants, etc here and the coffeeshop was right in the red lights district; where most tourists were. It was fun smoking there and meeting people! You can also smoke inside most restaurants/ bars here!

Visit the famous museums!

While you're in Amsterdam you kind of HAVE to go to the museums. They have the best and most unique museums you can visit and you can get in for free with the IAmsterdam City Card. Down below are a couple of museums you can visit if you want!

  1. Rijiksmuseum (an art and history museum)

  2. Anne Frank Huis

  3. Van Gogh museum

  4. Stedelijk

  5. Sex Museum (just for the Amsterdam experience hahah)

Take a SAFE stroll through the Red lights District

If you're in Amsterdam, one of the most seen tourist attractions is of course, the famous red lights district. I actually stayed at the Bulldog Hotel which was located right in the center of the district but honestly was a great location... and safe due to how many tourists stay at this area! The things my friend and I saw here are just so unbelievable that you have to go to understand hahahah. This was such a unique experience and I highly recommend walking through the streets at night (the touristy areas just so you're safe!) and exploring through the town!

Red District at Night

Cycle or take a walk through Vondelpark

Amsterdam is filled with a ton of beautiful parks that you can relax at or take a stroll through. If you want to rent a bike in Amsterdam I really recommend cycling through here since it's safer and there are no cars coming through! It's super relaxing when theres a sunny day out. Down below are some other parks you can go too as well!

  1. Vondelpark

  2. Beatrix Park

  3. Oosterpark

Go shopping at Kalverstraat

These narrow streets are always PACKED with shoppers! If you need a good shopping trip, this is the place to be. Kalverstraat is filled with unique fashion stores and beautiful Dutch architecture that can be viewed while you stroll! There are many other shopping centers in Amsterdam, but this was definitely my favorite one to go too.

Other fun activities to do in Amsterdam

1. Get some Bubble Tea at Soo-Tea!

2.Do some karaoke at a Tokyo themed karaoke bar called Duke Of Tokyo

3.Take some legal and regulated truffles if you're looking for something crazy

4.Take a day trip to Lisse to see the tulips

5. Take a day trip to The Hague, Haarlem or Rotterdam

6. Get a vegan burger at Flower Burger (the best burgers)

7. Shop at Rokin St.

8.Take a walk through Damrak

9.Go to a famous sex show (I couldn't make it through the third act lmao but quite the experience to say you've been to one)

10. Head to De Pijp (more of a local area with fun bars)

11. HAVE FUN!!! Amsterdam is really a fun city, so anything is fun while you're there!

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